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Our Terminals occupy prime locations with access to highly developed transport links and transhipment services. We offer convenient and cost-effective services for the storage and handling of all kinds of products from oils and chemicals to biofuels and technical wastes.

  • Fuel Storage & Logistics Services
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Fuel Storage & Logistics Services

Alabama Bulk Terminal is a reliable, professional company in the field of Fuel Storage and logistics services, and we have been active for more than 20 years. As a family company with a rich history we specialise in Petroleum products storage in our more than 750,000m3 storage capicity both in the port of Rotterdam and Houston. Besides traditional road / water transport, we offer innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives like short-sea and multi-modal solutions. We have the right resources, network and expertise for complex supply chain management solutions basically on petroluem products storage, optionally temperature controlled.

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OUR goal is simple. We aim to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable and efficient tank storage and logistical systems. Together with our highly knowledgeable personnel, we ensure that there is no such thing as a dangerous product – at least not when under our care. Within international transport and logistics services, offering a competitive price is increasingly the determining factor. We prefer to talk about efficiency. By organising and combining matters more smartly we are able to work more efficiently and keep costs low. At the same time we are committed to full service provision and providing a complete solution for our clients’ concerns. This combination enables us to offer competitive solutions and to maintain optimum client satisfaction. So it is hardly surprising that we enjoy long-standing relations with many of our clients – going back tens of years in some cases.

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Related pipeline infrastructure consists of a terminal with four crude oil tanks of 10.000 m³ each, the dispatching centre and pumping station, the metering station in Rotterdam and eight block stations along the route. One of the main tasks of the Company is to provide the continuous and safe transport and storage of products for the consumers needs. The storage capacity provides us with a unique possibility to secure sourcing for fast and reliable supplies to your advantage. In addition, we operate storage on behalf of clients in a full service concept, including expertise in sourcing, product quality, exposure handling, finance and credit solutions.

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About Us

A Leader in Bulk Liquid Storage

Alabama Bulk Terminal is a world-class midstream company with the mission of creating a sustainable, independent liquid storage terminals business providing safe and reliable solutions for our customers. We are constantly investing in our terminals to improve operations, optimize for the safety and utility of our infrastructure, and ensure our facilities can meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Alabama Bulk Terminal is driving its integrated and innovative service offerings for storage, processing, logistics, and energy transition forward, with a clear vision for the road ahead. Together with our people and world-class customers, we are continuously seeking safer and more reliable and sustainable solutions.

Alabama Bulk Terminal is driving its integrated and innovative service offerings for storage, processing, logistics, and energy transition forward, with a clear vision for the road ahead. Together with our people and world-class customers, we are continuously seeking safer and more reliable and sustainable solutions.


Great Business Solutions

Alabama Bulk Terminal business is the largest independent bulk liquid storage provider in United State and the world at large


Alabama Bulk Terminal is actively pursuing new Bio products and streams. We are currently storing HVO and FAME and are constantly trying to expand our portfolio to facilitate the energy conversion.


Alabama Bulk Terminal is a leading independent supplier of specialist storage and handling services for the chemical industry.


Alabama Bulk Terminal special expertise in providing fully integrated solutions for the oil sector.

Marine fuel

Alabama Bulk Terminal is taking a proactive approach to meeting demand for convenient and competitive low-sulphur fuel bunkering ahead of the IMO’s new global limit for sulphur content of ships’ fuel oil.


Alabama Bulk Terminal provides both competitive and innovative market storage and handling solutions for hazardous, non-hazardous and NORM products (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material).


Meeting The Needs Of The Present While Leaving The World A Better Place For The Future


Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles

Alabama Bulk Terminal believes environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) factors are critical to our on-going business opportunities and ability to effectively manage risk. Therefore, we seek to evaluate, respond, and monitor our environmental impact as well as our relationships with employees, customers, and the communities where we operate. Our ESG principles are integral to our daily operations and are the foundation of our long-term strategic objectives..


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We pioneer a safer and more sustainable liquid storage model

Alabama Bulk Terminal is leading the way in the transition to a cleaner energy future by pioneering a safer and more sustainable liquid storage model.

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Integrity is at the center of our operations and informs every aspect of our work. Our company is anchored by our core values of safety, environmental stewardship, providing for our customers, and operational excellence.

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It’s our aspiration to be a net-positive company, one whose handprint is greater than our footprint. This guides everything we do, from our 2030 goals to our circular economy efforts to the employee experience and our work in our communities.

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