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Managing waste

Increasing environmental awareness has led to an increase in demand for suitable storage and new disposal routes for hazardous wastes. Recent investment in water treatment plant, a wide range of suitable tankage, and qualified staff enable Alabama Bulk Terminal to provide both competitive and innovative market storage and handling solutions for hazardous, non-hazardous and NORM products (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) typically originating from the North Sea.

Alabama Bulk Terminal provides safe, cost-effective storage and handling for some of the leading players in waste management and recovery. Terminals have the capacity and approvals in place to handle almost every type of waste and recovered products from all kinds of industrial processes in the oil, chemical and biofuels sectors.


In accordance with the stringent permission regime for storing hazardous bulk liquid wastes and as an EPR (Environmental Permitting Regulations) Part A process, wastes are stored in tanks with impermeable bunding and managed under strict stock management systems and reporting regimes. Outfall consents are also subject to regular monitoring and reporting to ensure compliance within consented limits.

In addition to storing wastes, Alabama Bulk Terminal offers a variety of value added operations, including a range of packing services which can be tailored to suit individual waste contracts, from bulk container to bespoke drumming and labelling.


Alabama Bulk Terminal is also permitted to carry out water separation activities and the recovery of the separated hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In 2010 the company invested in new water treatment facilities and is now permitted to use this plant for the disposal of the separated waste water. The above activities cover a wide range of permitted EWC (European Waste Catalogue) codes.

Specialist facilities and expertise

  • Ability to receive and redeliver wastes and recovered product 24 hours a day
  • Products stored include hydrocarbon solvents, UCO, and wastes from offshore oil and gas production
  • Dedicated pipeline connections to local chemical complexes
  • Dedicated road loading for onward delivery of wastes for recycling or safe disposal
  • Value added operations, including custom packing services
  • WAMITAB qualified staff
  • RPS personnel where NORM products are stored
  • Water treatment and disposal facilities
Our terminals are used as a storage facility for oil, gas and other petrochemical products.
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